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What is IVF? [Procedure, Advantages and Side Effects of IVF]

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People are generally apprehensive about the process of IVF. Will there be any side effects, Will the child be born healthy? Can there be pain? To remove all these misconceptions, read this blog, in which our medical expert gives answers to all the questions.


Dr. Chandni Chandrakar Verma

Hospital / Clinic

Anand Hospital and Maa Test Tube Baby Center, Raipur, Chhattisgarh

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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj. I welcome all of you to the GMoney Health Show and before watching today's video, you have to do one thing. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to the page. Joining us in today's video is Dr. Chandni Chandrakar, Gynecologist and Infertility Specialist, Director of Anand Hospital Landmark Test Tube Baby Center, Raipur Chhattisgarh, practising since last 10 years and serving many patients. Welcome to the show.

 Dr. Chandni Chandrakar Verma – Thank you so much.

GMoney Anchor - First of all, we all want to know that we have a huge audience, and a lot of women are there. You tell me, What is infertility? Women think it is infertility, and they get to hear many types of taunts. So tell us, what is infertility?

ivf treatment

 Dr. Chandni Chandrakar Verma – When there is no child even within 1 year after having unprotected sex after marriage or no pregnancy result comes positive, that condition is called infertility. Infertility can be of two types, primary infertility, when she has not had a child even once. Sometimes secondary infertility also occurs. Abortion happens, and if after that she is not getting pregnant, then we consider it second infertility. It is not necessary that only women become the cause of infertility; it can also be caused by men.

It should be removed from the mind that the problem of infertility occurs only in women.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, so Dr. Chandni explained it to us very well. Now tell us who needs IVF?

 Dr. Chandni Chandrakar Verma People don’t go to gynecologists; they roam here and there, and waste time. Correct advice is very important. There are many reasons why IVF is done. The sperm count of men is seen. If it is less, then treatment is done. IVF is done even if the woman’s ovaries are weak. These are all conditions.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, now I want to ask you, What are the side effects of IVF?

 Dr. Chandni Chandrakar Verma Ok, like IVF treatment has many stages, there are side effects too. Nowadays, the side effects have decreased a lot. Many eggs can be made through injection, and in some special cases, more eggs are made. The rest of the IVF process is not so painful. Many injections are so short that they do not cause much pain. We need to dispel the myth that IVF procedures are painful.

GMoney Anchor - Are babies born through IVF healthy?

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 Dr. Chandni Chandrakar Verma Children born from IVF pregnancies are also normal. If both the female gamete and the male gamete are our own, then the chances of having a continental anomaly are very low. Taking only your gamete. If the mail gamet of email gamet is yours, then why won’t it be normal?

GMoney Anchor - Well, one more thing, how long does it take for a complete cycle, how much does it hurt, or what is the success rate? If I talk about the first cycle, does conception happen in the first cycle itself?

 Dr. Chandni Chandrakar Verma In the different steps, first of all, the females are given a lot of injections. As I said, we have to develop multiple follicles from that one. After that, the female is given time to rest. In its next step, the uterus line is made, and the remaining babies are transferred. If seen correctly, one IVF cycle takes two to two and a half months. What about the success rate? If we have transferred day three embryos, the success rate is around 60 – 65%. The success rate of day five is around 80%, and I want to tell you that in normal pregnancy, if everything is normal, if husband and wife are trying to conceive in a normal way, there are only 10% chances of success.

GMoney Anchor - Dr. Chandni, you took out valuable time for us from your busy schedule. We are thankful to you. Thank you so much.

 Dr. Chandni Chandrakar Verma Thank you so much.

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