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Tonsil Stone Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment Options

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Dr Abdul Aziz Rafiq Ahmed

Hospital / Clinic

ENT Surgeon

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GMoney Anchor - Welcome to the GMoneyHealth show. Today, we have with us Dr. Abdul Asiz Rafi Ahmed, who will be discussing tonsillitis and its treatment. Dr. Baja, it's a pleasure to have you on the show.Dr Abdul Asiz Rafi Ahmed specializes in tonsil operations and will be sharing insights on tonsillitis treatment.

Dr Abdul Aziz Rafiq Ahmed Tonsils act as the body’s first line of defense in the immune system and often swell during flare-ups. Common symptoms include difficulty swallowing, snoring, fever, and coughing. Chronic tonsillitis may require surgery if swelling persists despite other treatments. Surgery is considered for recurrent infections or enlarged tonsils.

GMoney Anchor - In children, tonsillitis may be treated conservatively until a certain age before surgery is considered.

Dr Abdul Aziz Rafiq Ahmed Diagnostic tests for tonsillitis include throat swabs to identify microorganisms and a complete blood count (CBC) to check for increased lymphocyte counts. Clinical examination remains crucial for diagnosis. Tonsillectomy is a safe procedure, usually performed using techniques like coblation or laser surgery. It’s relatively painless with minimal blood loss, lasting about 45 to 50 minutes.

GMoney Anchor - Dr. Abdul, what dietary recommendations would you give to parents before and after their child undergoes tonsil surgery?

Dr Abdul Aziz Rafiq Ahmed Parents can help reduce tonsil swelling by avoiding trigger foods and ensuring their child’s nutrition is adequate. After surgery, a nutritious diet and warm saltwater gargles can aid in recovery.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you, Dr. Abdul, for sharing your insights. We appreciate you joining us on the show.

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