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Is your child troubled by coughing?

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Children suffer a lot due to colds and coughs. Coughs sometimes do not get cured for months. In this blog, medical experts are telling important things related to coughing in children.


Dr. Sachin Palwe

Hospital / Clinic

Palwe Hospital, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj, very much welcome to all of you in GMoney Health Show and before watching our show further you have to do one thing, subscribe our channel like share. Today, Dr. Sachin Palve is joining our show. I welcome you very much to the GMoney Health Show. Thank you. Sir, because you are a pediatrician, we want to know from you what is the cause of coughing in children?

Dr. Sachin Palwe – Hello. Cough is likely to occur whenever any soil particles, water, or dust is inhaled through our nose or mouth. Whenever a particle goes inside, keep in mind that it should not go into the lungs. There is mucus in my wet cough. And dry cough occurs due to any foreign substance in the nose or throat or due to allergies.

GMoney Anchor - Well sir, why is it that the cough of some children does not go away for 12 months of the year?

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Dr. Sachin Palwe – Kids play with each other and their infection spreads to each other. Common cold, pneumonia, asthma, often spread quickly. Throat keeps tickling, tonsils and sinus also cause many issues.

GMoney Anchor - So the reasons are many and if I talk about any phlegm, why is it always highest at night?

Dr. Sachin Palwe Often the problem of phlegm in the throat increases while sleeping at night. Due to allergies or acid reflux, the stomach acid coming in the throat reaches the throat. If the size of the windpipe decreases slightly during the night, then the chances of cough also increase.

GMoney Anchor - Is there a problem with coughing even after having tonsils?

Dr. Sachin Palwe When the size of the tonsils increases, then the children have difficulty in breathing and some secretions are also prepared in it, which we call post-drip, children swallow these, which irritates the throat and then the children cough.

GMoney Anchor - Sir, how do you treat coughs in children? What should be avoided in a cough?

Dr. Sachin Palwe If you wash your hands properly, then the chances of infection are reduced. Children also share utensils with each other. If a child is ill, do not send him to school, only then the chances of the children getting infected are reduced. There are also many vaccines for children. Whenever it seems that the child’s cough is too much. The speed of breathing is very fast, there is difficulty in breathing. Cough is not decreasing, increasing, if there is fever with cough then contact the doctor immediately.

GMoney Anchor - Absolutely right and doctor thank you so much for taking out time from your busy schedule and educating us, making us aware, thank you so much. Thank you. So this was Dr. Sachin who told us about cough today. If it is about your children, then I hope you would have liked today's video very much. Do share your feedback. If you want to see discussion on any other topic then definitely tell. With this, I take permission from you. I will meet you in a new video of GMoney with a new medical expert, a new super specialist, till then keep watching GMoney Health Show, Achhi Sehat Hamara Vaada.

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