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Simple Ways To Maintain Good Vaginal Health [Vaginal Infections Treatment]

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Dr. Prem Rana

Hospital / Clinic

Rana Hospital, Jalandhar, Punjab

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GMoney Anchor - Today, we have with us a well-known and renowned doctor, Dr. Prem Rana, a gynecologist with over 50 years of experience. She is currently practicing as the director of Yarana Hospital in Jalandhar. Hello, Madam, welcome to our show.

Dr. Prem Rana – Thank you.

vaginal infection in hindi

GMoney Anchor - Ma'am, today we will talk about vaginal health. The first question is about common infections related to the vagina and when one should consult a doctor.

Dr. Prem Rana – Since the vagina is an outlet, it is prone to infections from various sources like clothes, toilets, etc. Mostly, these infections can be bacterial, viral, or fungal.

GMoney Anchor - Okay, and if I inquire about the symptoms, what are the common signs when one has vaginal infections?

Dr. Prem Rana – Similar to catching a cold where the nose starts pouring more, the vagina, when infected, will have a general discharge more than normal. There might be a slight lubrication. However, when an infection occurs, the discharge becomes foul-smelling. You may notice a bad smell, and it can cause discomfort, pain during urination, and a feeling of uneasiness.

GMoney Anchor - Alright, and when it comes to vaginal hygiene, what precautions or measures should one take to maintain good vaginal hygiene?

Dr. Prem Rana – Vaginal hygiene is crucial because, like any outlet in the body, it is exposed to various environmental factors. The mucosa, or the inner lining, should be strong enough to resist bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Maintaining good hygiene involves regularly changing undergarments, keeping the vaginal area clean, and using proper feminine washes that maintain the pH balance. It’s essential to avoid tight clothing and ensure proper aeration to prevent non-aerobic bacterial infections.

GMoney Anchor - Understood. And finally, for our last question, what food items would you recommend for maintaining a healthy vagina?

Dr. Prem Rana – Probiotics are essential for vaginal health. Consuming fruits, yogurt, and fermented foods can provide the necessary probiotics. A healthy diet with low sugar intake is also crucial, as high sugar levels can impact vaginal function.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so much, ma'am. It was a great session, and we appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule for our JioMoney Health show. Thank you for being with us.

Dr. Prem Rana – You’re welcome. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share valuable information with the public.

GMoney Anchor - This concludes our session with a doctor who has provided insightful information about vaginal health. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, and I will address them in the next show with another super-specialist doctor.

vaginal infection in hindi

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