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Why are cases of heart attack increasing among youth? Causes Of Heart Attack

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Dr. Krishna Soni

Hospital / Clinic

Shri Badrinath Hospital, Gurgaon

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GMoney Anchor - My first question to you would be, why are there increasing cases of heart attacks among youngsters these days?

Dr. Krishna Soni – This is primarily due to lifestyle habits, such as bad dietary choices, smoking, and alcohol consumption. Those are contributing factors.

heart attack causes

GMoney Anchor - So, Doctor, what are the causes of heart attacks, what would you say?

Dr. Krishna Soni – Stress. Diabetes is another major factor.

GMoney Anchor - And what are the symptoms that a person may experience in their body?

Dr. Krishna Soni – One of the key symptoms is chest pain, typically on the left side radiating to the left hand. This is often referred to as angina pain. It’s a critical symptom that requires immediate attention.

GMoney Anchor - You mentioned that family history can also play a role in heart attacks. If one's parents have a history of heart attacks, the chances increase for their children. Is that correct?

Dr. Krishna Soni – That’s absolutely correct. Family history does have an impact. But if you make significant lifestyle changes, it’s possible to reduce that risk. Perhaps only 50% of your risk is hereditary; the rest depends on how you live.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, if someone experiences a heart attack, what should they do immediately? What's the first step?

Dr. Krishna Soni – Immediate medical help is crucial. You should take an aspirin if available at home, and an ECG is very helpful. However, it’s important to differentiate between a heart attack and gastric pain, as around 90% of chest pain is due to gastric issues rather than heart problems.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so much, Doctor. You've taken time out of your busy schedule for our GMoney Health Show, and the entire team would like to express our gratitude.

Dr. Krishna Soni – You’re most welcome. I’m happy to be here and glad to share my insights.

GMoney Anchor - For all our viewers who are watching this show, if you have any questions for the doctor, please feel free to write in the comments section. I will be there to respond. In our next show, we will have another super specialist with us. Until then, take care of your health because good health is our promise.

heart attack causes

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