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Hair Transplant Side Effects & How to Treat Them

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Dr. Aditya Tandle

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GMoney Anchor - So, Doctor Aditya, today we are going to talk about hair transplants. So, my first question is, who are those people eligible for a hair transplant? What are the eligibility criteria? If someone is experiencing hair loss, can they opt for a transplant, or can it be treated with medication?

Dr. Aditya Tandle Right, so good afternoon to all the viewers. Your question is about the eligibility for a hair transplant. Specifically, for a hair transplant, there is no specified age limit. Any male or female above the age of 16, which we prefer, can undergo a hair transplant or any anti-hairfall treatments until the age of 75 or 80, where their body can support it. Supported in a way is what there are multiple tests which we do before going for a hair transplant or any anti-hairfall treatments. So, if they do not have any other biological problems or any deficiencies in the body, we do not mind going ahead with a hair transplant or any of the treatments right from the age of 16 until 75 straight away.

hair transplant in hindi

GMoney Anchor - So, Doctor, you mentioned that anyone above sixteen years of age can undergo a hair transplant after some tests. Alright, another thing when we meet, we discuss about hair transplants. But is it lifelong successful, and what is its success ratio?

Dr. Aditya Tandle See, when we perform a hair transplant, the basic concept is that we take excessive hair from one area where it is not needed and transplant it to an area where there is hair loss. So, this treatment, which we also call grafting, does not change your appearance. When we transplant hair from one area to another, the lifespan of these hair is similar to the natural hair, which is until the age of 60 to 65 on an average. We are talking about an average person whose lifestyle standard is normal, not heavy drinkers, smokers, or those with unhealthy diets. So, the concept of retaining the hair is important, whether your scalp is receiving proper nutrition or not.

GMoney Anchor - As you mentioned about diet and exercise, just like everything else requires maintenance sessions, for example, if someone has undergone a transplant at the age of twenty-five, would they need any touch-ups or maintenance sessions in their thirties and forties?

Dr. Aditya Tandle When we talk about a transplant, for example, male pattern baldness, it starts about four fingers above your eyebrows and goes right to the back of your crown area. If, for example, you are twenty-five years old and have lost hair till the age of twenty to twenty-five, that is a bald area. In such a condition, we suggest a hair transplant because it is a permanent solution. So, the hair transplanted in these areas lasts until the age of 60 by default.

GMoney Anchor - Okay, so you're bursting myths here, Doctor Aditya. So, the third question is, what precautions should people who are considering a transplant take, or are there any tests you suggest they undergo before the procedure to ensure they are fit for it?

Dr. Aditya Tandle – Firstly, before someone decides to undergo a hair transplant, they should consider two things. Firstly, what is their requirement, and secondly, what is the urgency for it? When patients come to us nowadays, there is healthy competition, but maintaining hygiene, the quality of equipment, OT maintenance, and everything else is necessary to provide a standard procedure. But if someone is trying to sell something at half or one-third the price, there is a catch, because nothing comes cheap. And if we expect good results and want them to be done by experts, we have to maintain quality. So, there are some patients who develop allergies or itching problems post-procedure.

GMoney Anchor - Doctors also ask people to undergo tests when they have major hair loss.

Dr. Aditya Tandle – Yes, yes, yes. It’s a compulsion. So, before the procedure, we conduct a minimum of 11-12 tests, including bleeding time, clotting time, sugar check, and HIV and HBS tests. After the tests, a radiologist checks the results and gives a fitness certificate to the patient. Once all the tests are done and the results are okay, we take the patient in for the procedure.

GMoney Anchor - Okay, so we've learned that if you're thinking about getting a hair transplant, you'll have to undergo tests. Don't skimp on the tests for a good hair transplant. So, if you're getting any treatment done post the procedure, such as applying hair gel or coloring your hair, using shampoo, conditioner, or oil, is that allowed later on?

Dr. Aditya Tandle – The hair you transplant behaves the same way as your natural hair. We are just changing the location of those hair. So, if you have been taking care of your hair until now, such as shampooing, conditioning, coloring, or blow-drying, you can continue to do so. There is no change in the maintenance of your hair after the transplant. However, for the first month, avoid using any artificial products or medications on the hair because it’s the growth time for the baby hair.

GMoney Anchor - Definitely. So, Doctor, you've answered five questions for us. Thank you so much for providing such important information about hair transplants to everyone.

Dr. Aditya Tandle – Yeah, sure, most welcome.

hair transplant in hindi

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