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What is hair transplant and how is it done?

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Almost everyone is troubled by the problem of hair fall. Everyone keeps trying to find a solution to it in one way or the other, but is there any permanent solution? Today in this blog Dr. Gajanan Jadhav is giving answers to all our questions. Dr Gajanan is a Dermatologist and the Director of La Densitae, based in Pune.


Dr. Gajanan Jadhao

Hospital / ClinicLa Densitae, Pune, Maharashtra
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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj. A very warm welcome to all of you on the GMoney Health show and in today's video we are joined by Dr. Gajanan Jadhav from Pune who has been practising since last 17 years and is the director of ‘La Densitae’ in Pune. Doctor Gajanan, we welcome you to the GMoney Health show.

Dr. Gajanan Jadhao – Thank you, thank you very much.

what is hair transplant

GMoney Anchor- So doctor, if we talk about hair transplant, which is most trending these days, then first of all you tell us when does someone need hair transplant?

Dr. Gajanan Jadhao – Hair transplant means you have become bald and we have to transplant there, so basically our own hair is used in transplant. We do not use someone else’s hair, you must have heard that kidney transplant, liver transplant, heart transplant have also started happening, so there is no donor in this. Someone else’s organ has to be put inside our body, then the donor is someone else. Inside the hair, you yourself are the donor and you are the recipient. Means you have to apply your own hair only. See, many patients have hair related issues.

There are hair follicles from where our hair grows, we call it hair follicle from the root, from where our hair falls, everyone’s hair falls. There is no one whose hair does not fall. But not every person is bald. To be bald, the problem is that his hair ends from the roots. Then he needs a hair transplant. There are many treatments in the market, some use oil, some use homoeopathy, even if the hair does not come, the last option is to remove the hair from the back side and put it in the front where there is baldness.

GMoney Anchor - Ok? So you explained it very well to us, now tell us that you have so many patients. Is transplant a successful procedure in every case?

Dr. Gajanan Jadhao See mostly hair transplant is done for baldness. Means where someone in the family has baldness, it is going on in your family. Means you must have seen that they are in a specific pattern. Sometimes some have baldness from the front, sometimes some have it from the back. We transfer only in 90% cases. Chances of failure are less as they are your own hair. So, if you apply your own hair, then there will be no side-effects. You must have checked that the kidney got rejected. His donor is not known to him. Blood grouping is checked. But you yourself are a donor, here there are no chances of rejection at all. Means there is no scope of failure and second important is who is doing your surgery. If your surgeon is experienced and qualified, has an experience of many years. He has done many cases and his technique is correct, so the chances of failure are negligible. So this happens in normal conditions when we do hair transplant. Sometimes an accident happened because of which the hair was lost, so in such cases the chances are sometimes less.

side effects of hair transplant

GMoney Anchor - Is this procedure painful or are there any side-effects?

Dr. Gajanan JadhaoThis is basically hair transplantation, a very superficial high school surgery. I am speaking superficially because this is a scheme surgery, here you do not have any risk. Many people ask me Sir, is this not brain surgery because we have protection over the skull, which is a bone above the brain, it is called a skull, then there is a layer of skin over it, then skin and brain are over it. There is a bone layer in between, so we will never be able to cross it. So that’s why it will not be like having any brain problem or getting cancer. This is skin surgery like sometimes you fall off the stitches, the skin gets torn, sometimes there is some wound then the stitches fall off.

This is the surgery of the same level. It is a minor surgery. But yes it should be done carefully. Very small hairs are plucked out and applied, so a lot of skill is required for this. But there is no risk in this. There are minor things such as occasional swelling. This is a normal thing, but there is no stress in it. There is no pain. Because you are given anaesthesia during surgery, we call it local anaesthesia, that is, only a few injections are given where the surgery is being done, no other injections are given anywhere on the body.You can do everything after surgery, the patient can talk, eat food, go to the washroom and be discharged on time. There is no need to admit the patient, so it is a very safe surgery and most of the time the pain is very less.

GMoney Anchor - Achcha sir, before transplanting do we have to shave the donor area, so how do female patients manage?

Dr. Gajanan JadhaoLook, the little surgery done on a female patient becomes very highly skilled. Females have a partition secret. This partition becomes big. So what we do is put hair inside her hair. The long hair from above covers the empty area from wherever we pluck the hair, that’s why we sometimes make females completely bald. What happens in Male patients, baldness levels are high and customer demands are high. That’s why there is a need to transplant them mostly. There are some patients, who are celebrities, they don’t want to do it, so in such cases we do it without shaving too, but we recommend male patients to get shaved.

GMoney Anchor - Sir, do I have to stay on any other treatment for life even after transplant?

Dr. Gajanan JadhaoSee, it is said that well the transplanted hair stays for life because the urea that is there from the area it is extracted from, prevents your baldness. You’ve never seen one. No one has gone bald from behind. All the bald people are bald from the front. In most of the cases, you must have seen that everyone has hair at the back, so we use hair from that place and apply it at the front. So it is important that your hair should be healthy, strong, that’s why no medicine is needed. But if your hair fall is happening, suppose I have done your transplant here, you have hair behind, but that too is falling, then you have to control it, otherwise you will look bald again, then we will give some medicines to control it. Let’s give so that your look is completely maintained. Means your hair should remain natural so that your face looks good.

GMoney Anchor - Yes, you are absolutely right. With this, Dr. Gajanan, you told us the basics of transplant, because whenever we want to get this procedure done, we want to know something about it. So you took out your precious time from your busy schedule for the GMoney Health Show. We are thankful to you. Thank you so very much. So this was Dr. Gajanan who told us about hair transplant and if you are a female planning for hair transplant then don't worry. If you get this procedure done by a good surgeon, then you will not face any problem. I hope you liked today's video. Do subscribe and you want to see discussion on any other topic, if you have any question in your mind, you can also tell us in the comment box. I will meet you in a new video with a new expert, keep watching the GMoney Health Show. Good health is our promise

hair transplant

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