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Gallstones: Treatments, symptoms, and causes

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Dr. Ashish Dua

Hospital / Clinic

PGI, Chandigarh

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GMoney Anchor - Welcome everyone to the GMoney Health Show. I, Neha Bajaj, extend a warm welcome to all of you. Today, we are joined by Dr. Ashish Dua, a radiologist. He is currently serving as a senior doctor at PGI Chandigarh and is also affiliated with Pushpa's Outpatient Clinic. Dr. Ashish, we welcome you to the GMoney Healthcare.

Dr. Ashish Dua Thank you.

Gall Bladder stones in hindi

GMoney Anchor - Sir, I would like to discuss gall bladder stones with you today. Could you please explain to our viewers how a gall bladder stone attack occurs in the body?

Dr. Ashish Dua The gall bladder is an organ shaped like a pear that is located just below the liver. It collects bile produced by the liver and sends it to the stomach. Sometimes, the bile solidifies and forms stones. If these stones develop, the chances of a gall bladder attack increase. When there is a stone, there is a chance of inflammation, which we commonly refer to as a gall bladder attack. This can lead to fever and severe abdominal pain.

GMoney Anchor - Alright, so how are these stones formed and are they common?

Dr. Ashish Dua Yes, these stones are primarily formed due to our dietary habits. About 80% of gallstones are cholesterol gallstones, which are more common in populations like North Indians who consume heavy fatty meals. For example, our breakfast usually includes parathas, which are high in fat. This increases the chances of solidification of cholesterol in the bile, leading to gallstones. Therefore, gallstones are quite common in the North Indian population.

GMoney Anchor - Understood. As a radiologist, how many gallstone patients do you typically see, and how is the diagnosis made?

Dr. Ashish Dua – As a radiologist, my primary role is to perform ultrasounds or read CT scans and MRIs. Most patients are referred to me by clinicians when they experience abdominal pain. We perform ultrasounds, and if gallstones are present, they are visible on the ultrasound images. Typically, out of the patients who come to me with abdominal pain, one or two are diagnosed with gallstones.

GMoney Anchor - I see. Nowadays, many people turn to the internet for remedies when they experience pain. Some claim that gallstones can pass on their own. What is your opinion on this, and is it necessary to treat gall bladder stones?

Dr. Ashish Dua – Gallstones cannot pass on their own. Many patients come to us after trying home remedies or medications, but the stones do not disappear on their own, nor do they decrease in size significantly. Therefore, if you have gallstones, you must understand that they cannot be eliminated without removing the gall bladder. It is always necessary to undergo surgery to remove the gall bladder if you have gallstones.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you for clarifying that. If the gall bladder is removed due to stones, does the person lead a normal life afterward?

Dr. Ashish Dua – Yes, even if the gall bladder is removed, it does not significantly affect digestion. The gall bladder mainly concentrates bile, which helps in digestion, but its removal does not have a major impact. However, the complications associated with gallstones, such as inflammation or the risk of gall bladder cancer, can be serious. Therefore, it is advisable to undergo surgery to remove the gall bladder if you have gallstones.

GMoney Anchor - Interesting. Could you tell us in which age group gall bladder stones are most commonly observed? Do teenagers also experience them?

Dr. Ashish Dua – Gall bladder stones are commonly observed in the age group of late 20s to 30s. Traditionally, it was believed that they were more common in the ‘5F’ group, which stands for Fertile, Female, Forty, and Fat. However, nowadays, gall bladder stones are increasingly being observed in teenagers and young adults in their late 20s and 30s.

GMoney Anchor - And what preventive measures can be taken to avoid gall bladder stones?

Dr. Ashish Dua – To prevent gall bladder stones, dietary modifications are essential. Avoid consuming heavy fatty meals or fried foods, which can increase the risk of gallstones. For example, in South Indian populations where such dietary habits are not prevalent, gallstones are less common compared to North Indian populations. It is also important to note that gallstones can lead to various complications, including inflammation, pancreatitis, and even gall bladder cancer, if left untreated. Therefore, it is crucial to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment instead of relying on home remedies.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you for sharing your insights, Doctor Ashish. I hope today's video has been informative for our viewers. Please share your feedback, and if you have any topics you'd like us to discuss in future videos, let us know in the comments. This is Neha Bajaj signing off for now. Until next time, take care and stay healthy.

Dr. Ashish Dua – Thank you.

Gall Bladder stones in hindi

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