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How to get rid of foot corn? [foot corn symptoms]

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Dr. Jyotika Kalra

Hospital / Clinic

Khushbir Kalra Hospital, Amritsar, Punjab

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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj. A very warm welcome to all of you on the GMoney Health show, and in today's video, we are joined by Dr. Jyotika, who is a Dermatologist and Consultant at Khushbir Kalra Hospital, which is in Amritsar, Punjab. She has been practicing for years, so let's talk to her today. A very warm welcome to you on the GMoney Health Show.

Dr. Jyotika Kalra – Thank you Neha.

reason for foot corn

GMoney Anchor - So, Dr. Jyotika, today we are going to talk to you about a skin problem that is often very small but makes it difficult to walk for some people and becomes a big problem. I am talking about the corn on the foot. So first of all, please tell our viewers, what is corn?

Dr. Jyotika Kalra – Corn causes hard and thick skin. If your sandal is not comfortable, then first the skin will be thick and gradually the pressure will increase there to form a corn.

GMoney Anchor - And if you have any infection somewhere in your foot, like a viral infection, is it a corn?

Dr. Jyotika Kalra – Along with this, there is a wart, so these are two different things. If you put your foot in someone else’s sandal, then the wart can be transferred to your feet.

GMoney Anchor - So if I talk about corn, how do you identify the patients who come to you if they have corn on their feet?

Dr. Jyotika Kalra – First, we check the footwear, if it is not comfortable, then there may be a problem with the corn. Even if the patient is overweight, we see if there is pressure on the feet. Too much walking in the wrong kind of footwear can also make it worse. If you walk too much, there will be pressure on your feet. If the feet are sweating, then there can be infections in the skin.

GMoney Anchor - What does a corn look like, and where is it located on the foot?

Dr. Jyotika Kalra – This is a raised area in the foot that hurts. If you have corn on your feet and you walk, there will be pressure and pain. You will see small dots.

GMoney Anchor - Which part of the foot is mostly affected by corn?

Dr. Jyotika Kalra – Most of the patients have it on the fingers; it is on the sole. It can also appear on the back of your heel.

GMoney Anchor - Does it hurt or cause bleeding? Does it cause difficulty in walking?

foot corn symptoms

Dr. Jyotika Kalra – First of all, they feel pain, and it becomes difficult for them to walk. Still, they keep on doing something or other. Someone says to apply oil, do something, they try home remedies. If there is an infection in it, then there is no bleeding, but there will be pus formation, and a fever can also develop. Diabetic patients have to take special care that nothing like this happens to their feet.

GMoney Anchor - So how do you treat corn, and how long does it take for it to grow?

Dr. Jyotika Kalra – It doesn’t grow very quickly; it takes a few weeks. Just as we wash our hands and faces, we should take care of our feet as well. Clean it with stone. After that, apply moisturizer on top. But if that hardness is not going away, then, first of all, change your footwear.

When you visit a doctor for an infection, they might prescribe you antibiotic painkillers. Many people wear corn caps. It also has a medicine called salicylic acid, which dissolves it. But it will work in the beginning, later, if the infection goes inside, the person will not be able to work. Urea and Lactic Acid are creams that make the skin soft.

GMoney Anchor - How do you treat corn? Is there any cream that dissolves the corn on its own? How does it happen?

Dr. Jyotika Kalra – First, we numb that part a little. In the beginning, it is injected a little. After that, when the vaccine goes inside, you do not feel any pain. Then we will remove it with radiofrequency, and after that, we will clean it completely from below and do its dressing. The corn is round on the top, but inside it is sharp. If you move, it will give you pain.

GMoney Anchor - Is there any way to prevent getting corn?

Dr. Jyotika Kalra – First, clean your feet daily; if you have hard skin, then clean it with a stone, then apply moisturizer. Okay, after that, you will see your footwear and whether you have any difficulty walking or not. Many times, when we buy footwear and find that it is not a good fit, the shopkeeper might ask us to buy it as eventually it will take the shape of our feet. 


But it is not true. A good pair of shoes is that which suits you the first time you try it. Then, when the patient comes here, if it is a starting stage, he does not have much pain, even then, our cream is used. Apart from that, I tell them to take lukewarm water, put some salt, some oil, and baking soda lightly in it, and dip it for just 5 minutes, it will make your feet a little soft. Then clean it with a pumice stone or nail filer. After that, apply some cream.

GMoney Anchor - Dr Jyotika you took time out of your busy schedule for us. We are thankful to you, thank you so much.

Dr. Jyotika Kalra – Thank you.

GMoney Anchor - So it was Dr. Jyotika who told us about corn treatment and prevention. I hope you liked today's video. Do share your feedback. Let us know if you want to see a discussion on any other topic. I Neha Bajaj , will meet you in a new video of the GMoney Health Show. With New Super Specialist, New Medical Expert. good health is our promise

foot corn

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