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Recognizing the Signs: Early Pregnancy Symptoms Unveiled

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Dr. Bhupesh Gupta

Hospital / Clinic

Akash Hospitals and Diagnostics, solan, Himachal Pradesh

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GMoney Anchor - Sir, my first question is, what is the right age for a woman to conceive?

Dr. Bhupesh Gupta – The best age is generally between 20 to 26.

early pregnancy in hindi

GMoney Anchor - Sometimes, people conceive at an early age, so what are the potential complications for both the mother and child?

Dr. Bhupesh Gupta – Women should ideally complete their development before conceiving. However, there can be complications such as anemia and high blood pressure. Patients can also end up needing surgery.

GMoney Anchor - Also, there are people who create YouTube blogs and discuss early pregnancy. So, how much influence do these blogs have on society, and how accurate is the information they provide?

Dr. Bhupesh Gupta – Ma’am, the ideal age to conceive is 20 to 26, but many women focus on their careers and choose to have children later, typically around the age of 30 and beyond. This can lead to complications such as hypertension and diabetes, often resulting in the need for surgery during delivery.

These complications can include preterm labor, abortions, and congenital malformations in babies. So, while the ideal age is 20 to 26, societal trends are changing, and marriages and pregnancies are happening later. Fortunately, we have advanced tools to identify high-risk pregnancies and manage them effectively, even up to the age of 38.

GMoney Anchor - I also want to ask about YouTubers who promote early marriage and early pregnancy. What are your views on this?

Dr. Bhupesh Gupta – Actually, ma’am, women have become important contributors to society, holding high positions in various fields. I don’t agree with YouTubers who promote early pregnancy because if women are not well-educated and have children early, it can hinder their contribution to the country.

In fact, women are excelling in top institutes and competitive exams alongside men, making significant contributions to the nation’s development. Encouraging early pregnancies may prevent tapping into the potential of educated and capable women. So, we should not hinder their progress by making them focus solely on motherhood.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you very much, Dr. We would like to thank you on behalf of Gmoney for sharing your expertise.

Dr. Bhupesh Gupta – Thank you. Thank you very much, ma’am.

GMoney Anchor - If anyone has any questions or queries, please feel free to ask in the comment section. In our next show, we will have a super specialist doctor with us to discuss another important health topic. Stay tuned!

pregnancy symptoms in hindi

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