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Best Home Remedies For Ear Pain Or Earache

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Dr. Sandesh Bagadi

Hospital / Clinic

Karn Hospital, Kolhapur

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GMoney Anchor - So, sir, my first question to you is why ear infections are more common in children?

Dr. Sandesh Bagadi – It happens because their immunity is not fully developed yet. When a mother breastfeeds, and then as the child starts standing, the air circulates. Until then, if the child vomits or sniffs something inside, it can cause infection.

ear pain relief in hindi

GMoney Anchor - I am a doctor. How should we take care of children's ears to prevent infections?

Dr. Sandesh Bagadi – If you don’t want an infection, don’t overly care for it. Being overly cautious is harmful. Many patients complain that nothing happens after cleaning their ears post-bathing. Do not put soap or anything similar in the ears. Do not use cotton buds or sticks; it may cause injury. If something is stuck inside, it needs to be removed by a doctor. But if you use birds or sticks, there may be an injury. If it sits outside and goes inside, it can be challenging to remove, and you may need a doctor to take it out. So, take it easy, as the skin inside the ear is delicate, and refrain from unnecessary actions.

GMoney Anchor - I am a doctor. Sometimes people experience ear pain, and they think something has gone inside. So, they might use oils or home remedies. What is your opinion on this, and how effective are these methods?

Dr. Sandesh Bagadi – Home remedies should not be given here because the ear has a protective system, a layer of skin covering it. It also has layers like hair, wax, which are all being removed. So, do not interfere, and if something is kissed or touched, consult a doctor immediately.

GMoney Anchor - As a doctor, there are times when children with ear pain are brought in. Parents often think something has gone inside. So maybe they put oil or try some home remedies. What do you say about this?

Dr. Sandesh Bagadi – Do not try home remedies because the ear has a protective layer, and interfering with it can be harmful. If there is pain due to a cold or tonsil infection, it can affect the ears. So, consult a doctor first.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, sometimes children who are too young may not respond to sounds. What would be an alarming sign for parents to immediately consult a doctor?

Dr. Sandesh Bagadi – If your child does not respond to sounds, it may indicate a hearing issue. If they sleep well but do not respond to loud sounds nearby, they might not be able to hear. If they do not respond to sounds around, immediate consultation with a doctor is necessary.

GMoney Anchor - And, sir, if you have one last piece of advice for everyone experiencing issues with changing weather, what tip would you, as a doctor, give them?

Dr. Sandesh Bagadi – Your body should adjust to the changes in weather, just like in Garmi (summer). If it’s too hot, avoid very cold fridge water. It’s like a sudden change in temperature. Drink normal temperature water. In metropolitan cities, avoid taking water directly from the fridge as it can harbor viruses. Also, minimize the consumption of ice cream after meals, as it may contribute to health issues.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so much, doctor, for taking the time out of your busy schedule for our health show. The entire team would like to express their gratitude to you. Thank you.

Dr. Sandesh Bagadi – I appreciate the thanks for my valuable time. If my few words can help anyone regarding health, I feel it was not a waste of time. Thank you.

ear pain relief in hindi

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