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Conjunctivitis – Causes, symptoms and treatment

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In this blog we are discussing Conjunctivitis. Dr Darshan Gore is here to answer all our questions. Dr. Darshan is an Ophthalmologist and Director of Darshan Eye Hospital, which is located in Ahmednagar.


Dr. Darshan Gore 

Hospital / ClinicDarshan Eye Hospital, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
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GMoney Anchor - I welcome you all to the GMoney Health Show and in today's video we have Dr. Darshan Gore who is an Eye Specialist and Director of Darshan Eye Hospital which is located in Ahmednagar Maharashtra. You are very welcome, Dr. Darshan.

Dr. Darshan GoreThank you ma’am, thank you.

meaning of conjunctivitis

GMoney Anchor- Dr. Darshan as you are an Eye Specialist, we will discuss Conjunctivitis with you today on Conjunctivitis. First of all I want you to tell our viewers what Conjunctivitis is?

Dr. Darshan Gore Conjunctivitis is actually an infection. There are two causes of infection. One is bacterial type infection and the other is viral type Conjunctivitis. The virus causes red eyes, watery eyes, stickiness, itching and pain.

GMoney Anchor - Ok sir, you have already told us the symptoms. Also, tell me why this happens? Does it happen in a particular season like the rainy season?

Dr. Darshan Gore Viral is more common in monsoon season. And whenever many people gather at one place, such as Kumbh Mela or a yatra or a festival, then the chances of Conjunctivitis increases.


GMoney Anchor - Ok good sir, tell me what things should not be done in Conjunctivitis?

Dr. Darshan GoreIt is necessary to rest for a few days. The more the eyes remain open, the more are the chances of infection. If the patient rests, takes medicines properly, he gets well soon. It also spreads through touch, if you wear someone’s clothes then it happens through it. It is likely to spread even if you sit near an infected person, we should isolate ourselves for a few days.

GMoney Anchor - Does Conjunctivitis also cause itching in the eyes?

Dr. Darshan GoreViral Conjunctivitis is becoming more common than bacterial. The effect of Viral Conjunctivitis is increasing more and more. The virus keeps on multiplying itself. It tries to become more powerful, nowadays if we see 10 cases, then 6 and 7 patients out of 10 catch viral. The patient feels more irritation in Viral Conjunctivitis. If you touch your eyes multiple times, then it will spread more, increase more and multiplication of viral will be more and the patient may suffer for more days.

GMoney Anchor - How long does it take for the symptoms of Conjunctivitis to appear?

Dr. Darshan GoreIf it is bacterial, then symptoms start appearing in a few hours, but there is little irritation in viral. If patients keep rubbing their eyes, they keep getting irritated. If it is viral then symptoms start appearing in a day or two. When and in how many days the patient will recover depends on his immunity. Apart from this, what is the strength of bacteria or viruses? Whether the infected person has any other disease, diabetes, blood pressure, or they are old. Even if the health is weak, it may take more days to recover, but usually if you take the medicine well, take some rest, isolate yourself, it can subside gradually.

So there are chances of getting cured in at least 3 days or maximum 10 days. Some may even take 15 days. If you follow it well for 5-7 days.


GMoney Anchor - Which age group is affected the most?

Dr. Darshan GoreIt is a bit difficult to tell, but it is commonly seen in kids, the old age group. Kids are more prone to catching Conjunctivitis as their cleanliness is also very less, so there are a little more chances in them. Old people, above 60 years of age, also have one or the other problem. They might suffer more due to Conjunctivitis.

GMoney Anchor - Please tell us about the treatment and prevention methods for Conjunctivitis.

Dr. Darshan GoreWhat should we do to avoid any infection? Cleanliness is to be maintained, habits should also be good, like one should wear clean clothes, sleep on time, eat on time. Exercising is also very important. Diet should also be proper. Don’t eat junk food, eat what is cooked at home. Only then all vitamins, minerals will be available, nutrition will be good then no person will fall ill.


Through some machines, we come to know whether it is conjunctivitis or not, if it is bacterial or viral. What type of infection is there and how many days will it take to recover. This determines the treatment. We need antibiotics for bacteria. There is no treatment for Viral Conjunctivitis. For example, if we talk about the common cold, it is such a disease that it can happen to anyone and it can happen multiple times, but there is no specific treatment for it.

You should drink plenty of water. Sometimes cold compress also gives relief.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor Darshan you took out your valuable time for our show, thank you so much.

Dr. Darshan GoreThank you madam.

GMoney Anchor - So this was Dr. Darshan who told us about Conjunctivitis, I hope you enjoyed today's video. Do share your feedback. If you want to see discussion on any other topic then also tell us, with this. We will meet in the next episode, with a new super specialist, a new medical expert, till then keep watching our show. ‘Good health is our promise’.

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