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What Is Hydrocele Surgery? Know The Risks, Recovery And Cost

What is hydrocele surgery

A hydrocele surgery or hydrocelectomy is a surgical treatment that helps remove or repair a hydrocele, which is a fluid-filled sac surrounding the testicles. 


Hydrocele occurs when fluid builds up in the layer of tissues covering the testicles. This may happen due to an infection or an injury to the testicles. Mostly a hydrocele resolves on its own without treatment. But, when it grows more significant and causes swelling and pain, you may have to go for a surgical repair.  

Symptoms and causes of hydrocele

In general, hydrocele doesn’t cause pain. The most common symptom is a swollen scrotum and a feeling of heaviness. Depending on the swelling, pain or discomfort may also occur. Moreover, with communicating hydrocele, there is a risk for other conditions, like hernia, also to develop. If these occur, the scrotum appears larger, are very painful. Inguinal hernias often require surgery or may lead to severe complications. 


The causes of hydrocele usually depend on a person’s age.


  • In babies: Sometimes, babies are born before the testicles have descended, thus increasing the chances of a hydrocele.
  • In adults: In adults when the inguinal ring has not closed or reopens, a communicating hydrocele can develop. Other possible causes of hydrocele include:

          – Injury

          – Inflammation

          – infection

What happens after the hydrocele diagnosis?

When the person with hydrocele seeks treatment, the hydrocele specialist doctor will first determine the likely cause of the hydrocele. They will perform a physical examination to confirm the location and extent of the swelling. They will establish whether the scrotum feels tender during the exam and can check to see whether light passes through the swelling. 


If the swelling is because of fluid, like a hydrocele, it will allow the light to pass through. In the case of a solid mass such as a tumor, the light will not pass through. The doctor may go for other investigation processes, like ultrasound scans, if they have doubts about the cause of the swelling. Once the problem is diagnosed, your doctor may suggest hydrocele surgery. 

What to expect from your doctor before a Hydrocele surgery?

Before performing the surgery, your healthcare provider will evaluate the patient’s general health. They will take temperature, pulse, and blood pressure and will suggest standard preoperative blood and urine tests. You also need to tell them about any previous injuries, infections, and surgeries, especially in your groin region. You must also share with them over the counter medications you are taking, as they can increase your risk of bleeding. You can rest assured while choosing to perform hydrocele surgery in Kolkata. You will find qualified doctors and advanced hospitals in the city.

Hydrocele treatment for baby boys

In most of the cases, hydroceles in babies and young children are surgically repaired. During this process, the surgeon makes a small incision in the groin, drains the fluid, and can also remove a portion of the hydrocele sac. The hernia defect is further closed with stitches that dissolve on their own. Children may require an overnight stay in a hospital after the hydrocele surgery, but in general, it is an outpatient, same-day surgery. 

Hydrocele treatment for adults

When the hydrocele causes no symptoms in adults, one option is to leave it alone. If it becomes more extensive and uncomfortable, then you can go for the following:


  • Surgery: It involves masking a small cut in the scrotum and then draining out the fluid. This is a minor operation and does not usually require staying in the hospital.
  • Drainage: The fluid can be drained with a needle and syringe quickly. However, the sac may be refilled with fluid within a few months. 
  • Sclerotherapy: This is a solution injection that can stop the recurring hydrocele once it has been completely drained. This is not a standard procedure and is offered only when the patient is unsuitable for operation. 

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Can hydrocele surgery cause infertility?

Hydrocele does not have a direct effect on fertility. When the surgery is performed correctly, then the degree of fertility in the patient remains the same as before. 


When to have hydrocele surgery?

A hydrocele that does not go on its own and is causing discomfort and pain may need to be surgically removed. This surgery is usually an outpatient procedure and is done under general or local anesthesia. 


How does hydrocele happen?

Hydroceles can develop because of injury or inflammation within the scrotum. This inflammation might be a result of an infection in the testicle. Sometimes it may also occur in epididymitis, which is a small, coiled tube at the back of each testicle. 


Which surgery is the best for hydrocele?

Laser is the best and the most advanced option for hydrocele surgery, and it takes only 30 minutes. During this procedure, a high-intensity laser beam is used to make an incision in the scrotal area. Further, the fluid is drained, and the hydrocele sac may also be removed to prevent the recurrence of this problem. 

Basic questions to ask your doctor during hydrocelectomy

Some of the basic questions you can consider asking are:

  • What can go wrong with the surgery?
  • Is hydrocele the only cause of swelling?
  • What are the different tests that will be required before hydrocele surgery?
  • What are the different treatment procedures other than surgery?
  • What are the symptoms to establish that this is the right time to go for surgery?
  • What are the restrictions on activities after the surgery has been performed?
Why choose GMoney


A hydrocele surgery can improve your life and also helps prevent other conditions from developing. This surgery is relatively safe and only causes minor discomfort or pain. 


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