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Tips to Choose Affordable Dental Care in Hyderabad

Affordable dental care

The risk of tooth decay or gum disease can be reduced by adhering to good oral hygiene. But it is equally important to visit your dentist twice every year to help maintain your oral health. Everyone including young children and older adults needs to see their dentist for dental treatment to reduce the risk of gum disease or tooth loss.

What is a Dental Treatment?

Going to the dentist can be scary for many people. The buzzing sound, large dental chair, the x-ray machines, and various equipment are a little frightening. But modern techniques ensure a painless dental treatment. State-of-the-art instruments ascertain that teeth treatment is carried out without any discomfort. 

During a routine dental checkup, your dentist will start by asking about your general health and the medications you are taking. Some health conditions and medicines can affect your oral health. Then the dentist will check each tooth and will find the issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral conditions.

The dentist will also check soft tissues in the mouth including gums, tongue, lips, cheeks, and palate for decaying or signs of oral cancer and other possible conditions. If there is a suspected problem, which is difficult to diagnose, x-rays may be needed. Then the dentist will establish the root cause of the problem and will explain to you the best treatment procedure accordingly.

Procedures involved in dentistry

Dentistry offers a wide spectrum of procedures that helps keep our oral health in the right condition. Some of these are:

  • Teeth Cleaning : This is one of the most common forms of teeth treatment. It is good to see a dentist every six months to keep our teeth healthy and strong.
  • Teeth Whitening : Dentists use specially prepared solutions that can whiten our teeth. It also helps in removing stains and restores the original color of our teeth.
  • Fillings : Cavities are a common problem, and getting a filling is the only way to treat it. This is a painless and quick procedure, and avoiding it can cause serious oral problems.
  • Root Canal : When a tissue under a tooth is infected, dentists perform RCT. Doctors numb the area of the mouth and remove the tissue for you to get rid of the pain. 
  • Braces : These are used to treat crooked teeth and make them straight. Invisalign braces are a new technique that has become more common than traditional metal braces. 
  • Dentures: These are used to replace lost teeth.

The Need for a Dental Treatment

Our oral health affects our daily life in many ways and is often taken for granted. Our mouth reflects the overall health of our body and can show signs of infection at an early age. Most of the time it is overlooked till the problem becomes serious.

Preventive dental care is a good measure to help us keep our teeth pearly white. But routinely seeing a dentist is the only sure way to ensure better health hygiene and identify a problem at an early stage. Scheduled visits to the best hospital for dental treatment in Hyderabad will help:

  • Prevent Serious Health Complications : The lack of dental care can lead to serious complications. Doctors say that there is a proven link between gum disease and heart disease. Moreover, most systemic diseases have an oral component, including oral cancer, diabetes, and kidney disease.
  • Avoid Costly Procedures : At first, getting regular dental checkups and cleanings might look like an unnecessary expense, but if you skip a checkup it may lead you to a costly procedure.
  • Decreased Pain : Dental treatments are associated with little pain, and a toothache usually signals a problem. If the source of pain is an infection, it is sure to go worse, leading to serious complications with unbearable pain.

Tips to Take Care of the Dental Health

Good oral hygiene is necessary to keep our teeth and gums in a healthy state. Below are some of the things that help you maintain a healthy mouth:

  • Floss daily to remove dental plaque
  • Don’t use tobacco products
  • Limit alcoholic drinks and beverages that stain your teeth like coffee
  • Visit your dentist at least once a year
  • Use mouthwash
  • Limit sugary foods, especially before going to bed
  • Drink water instead of sugary drinks

For more dental care tips, watch this short video by GMoney

Here Dr. Sagar Abhichandani guides us on basic oral healthcare. Dr. Sagar is a renowned Prosthodontist and Smile Expert and is an award-winning celebrity dentist.

Tips to Choose Affordable Dental Care in Hyderabad

Avoid the following mistakes while choosing a dentist:

  • Don’t Put Too Much Value in Reviews : Reviews can be manipulated. Same time you should not disregard reviews completely. Through reviews, you can establish if the dental care provider stands by their work.
  • Don’t Choose Dental Practices with Limited Specialization : Find a dentist who can provide you with a complete dental care solution under one roof.
  • Latest Technology : Dentists with state-of-the-art technology offer a superior quality of work.
  • Select a Hospital with Flexible Financing Options : Consider dental care offering flexible financing options to make your treatment affordable. Find a hospital that has tied up with GMoney. Treatments in the hospitals that have partnered with GMoney allow you treatment with no-cost EMIs, making your dental care affordable.

Dental Treatment and Medical Insurance

Most health insurance policies don’t cover dental treatment costs. However, in case of an accident, you can claim for the medical expenses incurred due to dental treatment. These treatments are usually expensive due to high-class machines, lab set-up, and the required skills. So undergoing dental treatment can make a hole in your pocket.

GMoney offers emergency medical loans for dental treatment. There are over 10,000+ hospitals in almost all cities of India, associated with GMoney, that offer treatment with a no-cost EMI option. You can avail of the facility of emergency medical funds from GMoney and can repay in flexible monthly installments without paying any interest. The loan from GMoney can be used for paying medical expenses of any type including surgeries, cosmetic treatment, dental treatment, etc., and can be repaid in easy EMIs.


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