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Piles Removal Surgery In Kolkata – Surgery Options & Costs

Piles Removal Surgery in Kolkata

No one wants to talk about it, but everyone deals with it at some point – piles. Dealing with them can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but there are ways to help manage the symptoms and eventually get rid of them for good. Thankfully, there is a cure: pile removal surgery in Kolkata. Although this surgery can offer much-needed relief from piles of symptoms, it can also be very expensive. For some people, this may be a barrier because the piles surgery cost may be too high.

It’s crucial to realise that for people with this condition, it might be the best option. Additionally, a medical loan for piles surgery is available. It can bring about much-needed relief and mean the difference between living a normal life or having to put up with pain and discomfort.

What are Piles and Its Types

The anus or rectum-area veins can develop piles, which is characterised by their swelling and inflammation. It can interfere with a person’s regular way of life and result in pain, itching, and bleeding. Depending on the severity of the condition, people with piles may find it difficult to carry out daily tasks and may even be unable to work.

Internal Piles

Piles that are internal to the rectum or anus are called internal piles. Their dark blue or purple colour helps to identify them, and they are typically brought on by increased pressure in the rectum’s veins.

External Piles

On the other hand, external piles are those that are located outside the anus. They can show up as lumps or bumps around the anus and are typically more painful than internal piles.

Prolapsed Piles

Internal piles that have protruded out of the anus are known as prolapsed piles. These can be excruciatingly painful and demand medical care.

Consulting with a trained healthcare professional is essential to identify the type of piles you have and find the most suitable treatment option.

Piles Surgery in Kolkata & Associated Costs

Following are the options for piles treatment in Kolkata:

Hemorrhoidectomy (Open Surgery): Open surgery is widely known as the most efficient and successful approach to eradicating both internal and external piles. This method necessitates a surgical incision, through which the piles are then removed. Unfortunately, this type of surgery is associated with an increased risk of infection and more blood loss.

Stapled hemorrhoidectomy: In this most recent technique, the piles are removed using a specialized stapling tool. The recovery period is shortened and the procedure is less intrusive than a traditional hemorrhoidectomy.

Hemorrhoidal artery ligation: This surgery helps to decrease the amount of bleeding and discomfort by reducing the blood flow to the piles. Over time, the piles become smaller until they ultimately cease to exist.

Rubber band ligation: This is a technique to treat piles without the need for surgery. Rubber bands are employed to cut off the blood supply to the piles, thereby causing them to shrink and eventually fall off.

Injections and Infrared coagulation: These methods are less invasive and are utilized to treat smaller piles.

Procedure Starting Price Price Up to Average Cost
Haemorrhoid Stapling 60000 ₹ 55000 ₹ 65000 ₹
Laser Piles Surgery 75000 ₹ 70000 ₹ 80000 ₹
Open Piles Surgery 65000 ₹ 60000 ₹ 70000 ₹
Stapler Piles Surgery 70000 ₹ 65000 ₹ 75000 ₹


It is crucial to speak with a licenced surgeon in order to decide on the best course of action and get a price quote. Additionally, there are options for medical financing to help with paying for surgery, making it more affordable for those for whom it might be a barrier.

Piles Removal Surgery Cost in Other Cities

City Cost
Mumbai Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 1,40,000
New Delhi Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1,90,000
Chennai Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 1,60,000
Nashik Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1,30,000
Pune Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 1,60,000

GMoney Medical Loan for Piles Surgery

GMoney Medical Loan for Piles Surgery is a viable option for those who may struggle to pay for piles removal surgery. GMoney provides a straightforward and user-friendly payment plan for the cost of the Kolkata procedure. The loan is offered with flexible repayment options and no interest fees to accommodate the borrower’s budget. In addition, GMoney provides a straightforward online application process that makes it easy to apply for a loan and obtain immediate access to the funds required to cover the piles removal procedure.

Medical loan process


1) What is the difference between open piles operation and stapled hemorrhoidectomy?

Open piles operation is a traditional surgical procedure that involves the use of surgical tools to remove piles, whereas stapled hemorrhoidectomy is a newer, less invasive method that involves the use of a special stapling device to remove the piles.

2) What is hemorrhoidal artery ligation?

Hemorrhoidal artery ligation is a surgery that cuts off the blood supply to piles, leading to a decrease in pain and bleeding. In the long-term, piles tend to shrink and eventually fall away.

3) Can piles recur after surgery?

Piles can recur after surgery in some cases, depending on the underlying cause and the patient’s lifestyle habits. 

4) How can I prevent piles from developing?

To prevent piles, it is important to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and avoid prolonged sitting or standing. Managing constipation or diarrhoea and avoiding straining during bowel movements can also help prevent piles.

5) Are there any home remedies for piles?

There are a variety of home remedies that can be used to relieve the symptoms of piles, such as warm baths, over-the-counter creams, and witch hazel.

6) Can piles cause cancer?

Piles themselves are not cancerous but in rare cases, cancer can develop in the tissue of the piles.

7) Can piles be treated during pregnancy?

Piles can occur during pregnancy and can be treated with over-the-counter creams, warm baths, and avoiding constipation. It is not recommended to perform surgery while pregnant.

8) Are there any non-surgical options for treating piles?

There are a variety of non-surgical options for treating piles, including over-the-counter creams and ointments, warm baths, and lifestyle changes.

9) How long is the period of no-cost EMI offered by GMoney?

GMoney provides you with a flexible payment tenure. You can select a loan period ranging from 3 to 18 months, depending on your paying capacity.

10) What documents are necessary to apply for no-cost EMI?

It is necessary for you to upload the given documents online:

  • Aadhar Card 
  • Pan Card
  • Bank Statement for last three months
Why choose GMoney


Surgical removal of the piles is an effective treatment for hemorrhoids. With the assistance of a qualified surgeon and medical loan options, pile surgery becomes a viable option for many individuals. A GMoney Medical Loan for Piles Surgery makes it easier to obtain the funds needed to pay for the surgery. The straightforward online application process and flexible repayment terms provided by GMoney make it practical and affordable to pay for piles surgery expenses.


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