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Hydrocele Surgery Options In Mumbai And The Associated Costs

Hydrocele surgery in Mumbai

Males of all ages, from teenagers to adults, frequently undergo hydrocele surgery. It is a condition that can cause pain and discomfort, but it is usually treated surgically.

If left untreated, the hydrocele surgery cost in Mumbai can be quite significant. As a result, understanding the costs of hydrocele surgery in Mumbai and how to manage them is crucial.

What does Hydrocele mean?

A hydrocele is an accumulation of fluid in the scrotum, the sac that contains the testicles. It is caused by a restriction of fluid outflow in the membrane surrounding the testicles, which causes enlargement and fluid collecting. In rare cases, the hydrocele might expand and cause discomfort. In certain cases, the hydrocele is not painful.

What Causes Hydrocele?

Hydroceles can develop due to trauma, disease, or congenital defects. Tumours, inflammation, or cysts can also cause it. Complications from past surgeries or medical procedures could also cause it. Knowing the cause of the hydrocele is essential for determining the best course of treatment.

Hydrocele Symptoms

Hydrocele symptoms can range from mild to severe. Scrotal enlargement is the most prevalent symptom. This swelling can be either accompanied or unaccompanied by pain. Other symptoms include scrotal heaviness, discomfort or burning, fever, and, in severe cases, difficulty urinating.

Diagnosis of Hydrocele and Determining the Need for Surgery

To diagnose hydrocele, your doctor may perform a physical examination and request an ultrasound to confirm the presence of fluid in the scrotum. Once the diagnosis is made, your doctor will evaluate the situation to determine whether surgery is necessary.

Consultation with a Specialized Physician Prior to Surgery

If surgery is required, you will be referred to a hydrocele specialist doctor who will perform the procedure. You will have a pre-operative discussion with the doctor to review the procedure, possible risks and consequences, and post-operative care instructions.


You must provide a detailed medical history and a list of drugs, allergies, and previous procedures at the pre-surgical consultation. You will also be informed of any pre-operative needs, such as fasting or stopping specific medications.

Hydrocele Surgical Options in Mumbai

Open surgery and laparoscopic surgery are the two categories under which hydrocele surgery is categorised.


An incision in the scrotum is made during open surgery to drain the fluid and remove the sac. Laparoscopic surgery, on the other hand, entails creating a small incision in the belly to insert a camera and remove the sac. The severity of the condition and the patient’s preferences will impact the type of surgery chosen.

Getting Ready for Hydrocele Surgery

If you have a hydrocele, your doctor will evaluate the situation to determine whether surgery is necessary. The hydrocele may resolve on its own in some situations, but surgical intervention may be required if the swelling persists or becomes unbearable.

The Hydrocele Surgery Method

Hydrocele surgery is a straightforward procedure that typically takes between 30 minutes and an hour to complete. The surgery is frequently performed as an outpatient procedure, which means the patient can go home the same day. The specialist doctor will tell you how to prepare for the surgery, which may entail fasting and abstaining from certain drugs.

During the therapy, the patient will be given anaesthesia to ensure that they are comfortable and pain-free. The specialist doctor will make an incision in the scrotum or abdomen to access the sac and drain the fluid. After emptying the sac, the experienced doctor will remove it and suture the wound shut.

The Significance of a Medical Loan in Mumbai for Hydrocele Surgery

Hydrocele surgery can be expensive, so you should consider applying for a medical loan if you cannot afford it. You could be able to pay for the treatment, hospital costs, and post-operative care with the help of a medical loan for hydrocele surgery in Mumbai.

GMoney Financial Service provides financial assistance options.

While hydrocele surgery might be costly, a Medical Loan from the GMoney financial service is a viable financing alternative for Mumbai residents in need. Patients can pay for their hydrocele surgery with GMoney Medical Loan in convenient monthly instalments with no collateral or guarantor necessary.

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1) What is the recovery time after hydrocele surgery?

Hydrocele surgery might take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the procedure.

2) Does hydrocele surgery have any side effects?

In order to numb the area and prevent pain, you will be given a local anaesthetic during hydrocele surgery. Following the operation, you may feel some discomfort or soreness.

3) What kinds of hydrocele surgery are there?

Hydrocele surgery is classified into two types: open surgery and laparoscopic surgery. Your doctor will advise you on the best strategy for you.

4) After hydrocele surgery, can I drive myself home?

After hydrocele surgery, you should not drive yourself home. Make arrangements for someone to pick you up and drive you home following the surgery.

5) How can I afford hydrocele surgery with GMoney medical loans?

With zero interest rates and flexible EMIs, GMoney medical loans can help you finance the expense of hydrocele surgery.

6) How long do I have to repay a GMoney medical loan?

The repayment duration for a GMoney medical loan varies depending on the amount borrowed and the loan parameters. Nonetheless, you can generally select a repayment time that meets your requirements.

7) How much can I borrow with a GMoney medical loan?

Your creditworthiness and other variables determine the amount you can borrow with a GMoney medical loan. You can, however, normally borrow up to many lakhs of rupees.

8) Are there any hidden costs with GMoney medical loans?

No, GMoney medical loans do not include any hidden fees. All fees and costs will be disclosed to you in advance.

9) What documents do I need to apply for a GMoney medical loan?

You will be needed to supply GMoney with proof of identity, address, income, and other papers.

10) Can I apply for a GMoney medical loan if I am self-employed?

Yes, GMoney provides medical loans to self-employed individuals who meet the eligibility requirements and have the relevant documentation.


Hydrocele surgery is a successful hydrocele treatment that is typically recommended for those who are seriously unwell. Meeting with a trained doctor and weighing your choices before committing to surgery is crucial.

Requesting a medical loan might help cover the costs of the operation and make it more affordable. GMoney Financial Services provides straightforward Medical Loan alternatives to guarantee you receive the care you require without breaking the bank.



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