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Enlarged Prostate: Diagnosis And Treatment Options In Hyderabad

Enlarged Prostate Diagnosis

If you are a man who has had difficulty urinating or a weakening of your urine flow, you may have an enlarged prostate. This medical condition, known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), affects a significant proportion of males and can cause various symptoms, ranging from mild irritation to severe obstruction, significantly diminishing the patient’s quality of life.

Those seeking treatment for an enlarged prostate may find it challenging to choose among the many options, ranging from therapeutic interventions to enlarged prostate surgery in Hyderabad. However, patients can effectively manage their condition and restore their quality of life with the best urologist in Hyderabad.

This blog aims to provide an understanding of the various BPH treatment options available in Hyderabad and the benefits and drawbacks of each intervention.

What is an enlarged prostate?

An enlarged prostate is a medical disorder in which the prostate gland in males enlarges. This gland is placed right behind the bladder and contains the urethra, which is in charge of excreting urine from the body. As the prostate gland enlarges, it can cause various urinary symptoms, including frequent urination, reluctance to begin urination, and inadequate urine flow. While BPH is prevalent in older men, it is crucial to seek treatment since the illness may worsen with time.

Signs of an enlarged prostate

Dr Manoj Sharma says there might be various indications of an enlarged prostate, which should not be overlooked. Some indications and symptoms include urinary issues, painful urination, urinary tract infections, incontinence, etc. Patients must see and contact the best urologist in India for a good diagnosis and treatment of an enlarged prostate and to know when to operate enlarged prostate.


An enlarged prostate may cause the following symptoms:

  • Difficulties in commencing or ending urination
  • Urine that is anaemic or fractured
  • Frequent urination, particularly at night
  • A strong desire to urinate
  • Failure to completely empty the bladder
  • During urinating, discomfort or stinging feeling
  • Hematuria

Enlarged Prostate Complications

An enlarged prostate may result in several issues. Generally, these consequences are not life-threatening. Nonetheless, they might still have a detrimental influence on your quality of life.

Urinary issues are among the most frequent consequences. The urethra is compressed when the prostate gland becomes larger. This might make urinating difficult or weaken the urine stream. In extreme circumstances, it may completely obstruct the urethra, making it difficult to pee.

In addition to urinary issues, an enlarged prostate may also cause bladder issues. The inability to fully empty the bladder may lead to recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs). Bladder stones might potentially form.

Additional problems of an enlarged prostate include renal disease, bladder damage, and incontinence. If you have symptoms of an enlarged prostate, it is crucial to contact a doctor for a correct diagnosis and treatment.

Now that you understand this, let’s find a solution to the most generally asked question regarding enlarged prostate – what is the best treatment for enlarged prostate in Hyderabad?

Enlarged Prostate Therapy Options


An enlarged prostate may be treated with medicine, which includes alpha-blockers, 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, and anticholinergics.

Alpha-blockers relax the prostate gland’s muscles, reducing the gland’s size and improving urine flow. On the other hand, 5-alpha reductase inhibitors block the creation of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that plays a critical part in the development of the prostate gland, resulting in its diminution. Finally, anticholinergics relieve tension in the bladder and prostate muscles, lower bladder pressure, and increase urine flow.

Natural Treatments

Certain herbal medicines, stress-reduction regimes, and dietary moderation are potential treatments for prostatic hypertrophy. Doing Kegel and other pelvic floor exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles might help alleviate pain. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and prioritising periodic medical appointments effectively preserve prostate health.


Surgery is possible for those who choose a more permanent remedy for their enlarged prostate. During surgery, a piece of the prostate or the entire prostate gland may be removed. Discussing this option with the best doctor for prostate treatment in Hyderabad is essential since it may have long-term repercussions.

What is the best surgical procedure for an enlarged prostate?

Many surgical alternatives are available for an enlarged prostate, with less invasive techniques being superior and safer than open surgical procedures. So, what is the best procedure for an enlarged prostate? The less invasive therapies include:

Transurethral needle ablation (TUNA):

TUNA, a treatment that utilises a needle to heat and shrink the enlarged prostate, is a therapy of minimum invasiveness. This leads to the reduction of symptoms originating from the enlargement and an improvement in urine flow. The procedure is performed via the urethra, reducing the need for surgery and its hazards. It is a preferable choice for individuals who want to avoid surgery.

Transurethral microwave treatment (TUMT):

Transurethral microwave therapy (TUMT) is a microwave-based method that warms and shrinks the prostate. It acts similarly to TUNA, except that microwaves are used to administer heat instead of a needle.

Transurethral water vapour treatment (Rezum):

Rezum is a revolutionary steam-based technology that lowers the size of the prostate gland without invasive surgery. This cutting-edge, minimally invasive treatment has shown considerable promise in enhancing urine flow and relieving the symptoms of prostate enlargement. During the operation, water vapour is supplied via a specialised device put into the urethra to shrink the prostate tissue. This enables a rapid and effective treatment approach, making it a very desired alternative to more intrusive procedures.

Water-Induced Thermotherapy (WIT):

Water-induced thermotherapy (WIT) is a minimally invasive technique that uses hot water to shrink the prostate. The prostate is reduced, and the symptoms of an enlarged prostate are eased by placing a catheter into the urethra and flowing warm water through it. WIT is a fast and effective alternative to surgical intervention for patients seeking a non-invasive treatment option. It is also less intrusive than other treatments, making it an attractive choice for many people.

High-intensity focused ultrasonography (HIFU)

High-intensity focused ultrasonography (HIFU) is a cutting-edge technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to specifically eliminate diseased prostate tissue that causes the evolution of an enlarged prostate. This new and less invasive procedure offers patients who choose not to undergo surgical operations an alternative therapy strategy. HIFU treatment treats various prostate gland disorders, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).


Urolift is a treatment that lifts an enlarged prostate using tiny implants. This reduces urethral pressure, improves urine flow, and alleviates pain. The procedure is generally well-tolerated, and there are a few hazards associated with it. The operation is performed under local anaesthesia without any incisions or cuts.

Prostate Surgery: Risks and Side Effects

Each surgical procedure, including prostate surgery, has risks and potential adverse consequences. Bleeding, infection and injury to adjacent organs are typical dangers. Nevertheless, when the prostate is big or malignant, the advantages of prostate surgery often exceed the possible hazards. It is crucial to discuss the potential risks and benefits of surgery with the top specialist for prostate treatment in Hyderabad to choose the best course of therapy for your specific requirements and to know when to operate on an enlarged prostate.

Cost of Enlarged Prostate Surgery in Hyderabad

Surgery is a potential option for treating an enlarged prostate for individuals seeking a more permanent cure. In Hyderabad, the enlarged prostate surgery cost in Hyderabad is between Rs. 1,15,000 and Rs. 1,60,000, much less than in other nations.

The cost of the operation relies on several variables, including the method used, the difficulty of the treatment, the hospital’s location, the surgeon’s expertise, and the length of the hospital stay.

GMoney Medical Loan For The Treatment of An Enlarged Prostate

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1) Is there a GMoney loan early payback penalty?

No, there are no penalties for early repayment of a loan from GMoney, and clients may save on interest rates by paying off their loans early.

2) Does prostate cancer develop from an enlarged prostate?

No, a larger prostate is not associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer.

3) Does an enlarged prostate often accompany ageing?

Indeed, an enlarged prostate is a frequent ageing issue.

4) Can an enlarged prostate be prevented?

There is no proven treatment to avoid an enlarged prostate. However, adopting a healthy lifestyle may help minimise the risk.

5) Can an enlarged prostate be treated non-surgically?

There are drugs and lifestyle changes that may help control the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, but in some situations, surgery may be required.

6) Can an enlarged prostate impact sexual function?

Indeed, an enlarged prostate may result in sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction and trouble obtaining orgasm.


Surgery is an option for people seeking a more permanent treatment to treat an enlarged prostate. Although the expense of surgery may be a big worry for some, operating abroad in nations like India might be a more cost-effective alternative.

Specifically, Hyderabad provides a variety of prices for the treatment based on aspects such as its intricacy, the surgeon’s skill, and the hospital’s location. With the assistance of a GMoney medical loan, patients may rest certain that they can afford the treatment they need without experiencing financial burden.



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