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Cost Of IUI Treatment In New Delhi | How to Use a Medical Loan

Cost of IUI Treatment in New Delhi

The IUI procedure is a great blessing for infertile couples. The procedure is easy and can be performed in a short amount of time, making it an excellent choice for those who lack the time to undertake more extensive procedures. In addition, IUI therapy is commonly available in New Delhi, making it an excellent alternative for local couples.

For people who are concerned about the expense of IUI treatment in New Delhi, medical loans are an excellent way to offset the expense. The amazing thing about medical loans is that they may also be used to finance IUI treatment. With the assistance of a loan for IUI, couples can afford IUI treatments without going bankrupt.

How Does IUI Treatment Work?

IUI involves delivering sperm directly into the uterus, avoiding the cervix and fallopian tubes. This increases the likelihood of fertilisation since sperm may reach the ovum far more easily than when travelling through the cervix. 

IVF treatment has numerous benefits. First, it is far less intrusive than other fertility procedures and may be done in a shorter amount of time. The success rate of IUI treatment is higher than that of other fertility therapies, such as IVF. As sperm can be directly inserted into the uterus, this treatment can also be used to treat male infertility.

How Does IUI Treatment Help?

IUI treatment has the potential to boost the likelihood of embryo implantation and healthy pregnancy. It is a generally non-invasive treatment that assists infertile individuals in becoming pregnant. It can also be paired with other therapies, such as IVF, making it the most cost-effective option. In vitro fertilisation has a success rate of 20–30% in the first cycle, making it a realistic choice for infertile couples.

Types of IUI Treatment and Associated Costs in New Delhi

The IUI treatment cost in New Delhi varies depending on the type of treatment used.

Natural Cycle IUI

Natural cycle IUI is the simplest and most cost-effective approach, with a 10-15% success rate. Ultrasound scans and blood tests are used to track the woman’s cycle in order to time the insemination. Without the use of medication to trigger ovulation, the procedure is performed during the woman’s natural menstrual cycle. This procedure is ideal for couples with normal menstrual cycles who desire a less invasive and more natural choice. New Delhi’s natural cycle IUI therapy costs roughly Rs. 20,000 on average.

Clomid or Letrozole IUI

IUI with Clomid or letrozole has a higher success rate of 15 to 20%. This entails using medications such as Clomid or letrozole to boost egg production. The procedure is carried out throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle, and insemination occurs when the follicles reach the ideal size. This technique is ideal for couples with irregular menstrual cycles or ladies with a low ovarian reserve. In New Delhi, the average cost of Clomid or letrozole IUI is roughly Rs. 30,000.

Gonadotropins with IUI

Gonadotropins with IUI are the most aggressive treatment option, with a 20–30% success rate. This entails taking drugs, such as gonadotropins, to induce multiple egg production by the ovaries. The procedure is carried out throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle, and insemination occurs when the follicles reach the ideal size. This approach is ideal for couples who have failed to conceive with less invasive treatments or for women with a very low ovarian reserve. In New Delhi, the average cost of gonadotropins with IUI is roughly Rs. 45,000.

Cost of IUI in other Indian cities

City Average Cost Price Range
Mumbai Rs 12700 Rs 11500 – 14000
Kolkata Rs 15000 Rs 12500 – 17500
Bengaluru Rs 15487 Rs 10000 – 22258
Pune Rs 12700 Rs 11500 – 14000
Gurugram Rs 26919 Rs 10000 – 55000

Factors that Affect the Price of IUI Treatment

The cost of IUI treatment can also be affected by several factors. Some of these include:

  • Type of treatment: The type of treatment significantly influences the cost. For instance, the cost of IUI with letrozole differs from that of IUI with gonadotropins.
  • Region of treatment: Depending on the city or location, the cost of IUI treatment can vary.
  • Number of cycles: The number of cycles may also influence the price. For instance, multiple cycles may cost more than a single cycle.
  • Drug: The cost of intrauterine insemination (IUI) therapy may also depend on the medication used.

GMoney Medical Loan for IUI Treatment in New Delhi

The GMoney medical loan is a fantastic choice for folks in New Delhi seeking IUI treatment. It is a fantastic means of funding medical treatment due to the availability of no-cost medical EMI options, simple payment plans, zero-interest rates, and other benefits.

Additionally, the loan amounts can be tailored to the patient’s treatment needs, making this an even more attractive option. The loan amount can be used to cover the cost of medications as well as the cost of treatment, ensuring that all necessary expenses are covered. Through the use of Gmoney loan for medical treatment, patients can make IUI operations more affordable and accessible.

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Q1: What is intrauterine insemination (IUI) therapy?

A1: Intrauterine insemination (IUI) therapy is an assisted reproductive technique in which sperm is inserted into a woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilisation.


Q2: Who is eligible for IUI treatment?

A2: Generally, most women who are having difficulty conceiving are eligible for IUI treatment. However, a doctor must evaluate the patient’s individual situation in order to determine if IUI is the best treatment option.


Q3: Is IUI treatment expensive?

A3: The cost of IUI treatment can vary depending on a number of factors, including the city or location, the number of cycles, and the medications used. However, GMoney offers medical loan options for IUI treatment in New Delhi, which make the procedure more affordable.


Q4: What medications are used for IUI treatment?

A4: Commonly used medications for IUI treatment include gonadotropins, clomiphene citrate, and letrozole.


Q5: How effective is IUI treatment?

A5: IUI treatment is typically successful in up to 20–30% of cases.

Why choose GMoney


IUI can be an excellent option for many couples. It can be made even more accessible and inexpensive with the aid of a GMoney medical loan. By knowing the elements that affect the cost of IUI therapy, couples may make better-informed decisions regarding their fertility treatment and choose the optimal solution for their specific circumstances.

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