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Cataract Surgery Available at No-Cost EMI in Pune

Cataract surgery in pune

With aging our vision gets cloudy. In this case, our doctor may suggest surgery to remove the eye lens and replace it with an artificial one. It is one of the most common and safe procedures that help us to see better. More than 50% of people who are 60 plus may have a cataract, and need this surgery for improved vision.

What is Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery is a type of eye surgery, where the doctor removes a cataract (cloudy lens) and replaces it with a clear artificial lens. Clouding happens because of the clumping of proteins over the lens which diminishes normal vision. Our eye lens is normally clear. When it turns cloudy, it is called a ‘cataract’.  This problem is usually generated due to aging, trauma to the eyes, diabetes, or because of long-term use of steroids.

Cataract surgery is one of the most common and safest eye surgeries. Almost 95% of people who have undergone this procedure have reported clear vision. If the cataract is left untreated, it may lead to a partial loss of vision or even can result in complete blindness. Cataract treatment includes surgical removal of the affected lens, once the cataract becomes mature.

The Need for Cataract Surgery

We are more likely to develop cataracts as we get older, and it also tends to worsen over time. Usually, your doctor will recommend surgery once the cataract becomes noticeable affecting the vision. Some of the cataract conditions include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Impaired night vision
  • May undergo color fading problem
  • Sensitivity to glare and bright lights
  • Halos around light
  • Double vision


Sometimes, cataracts can also be congenital, meaning they are present since birth. These types of cataracts are one of the main causes of childhood blindness. If the surgery is performed when a child is six weeks old, there are more chances of a good outcome. 

Why Should You Go for Advanced Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery is the safest eye treatment that helps clear your blurry vision. As the cataract grows, you will face dim vision. You may also experience double vision making it hard to read, work on a computer, or while doing daily chores. Cataract surgery should be done on time to prevent the development of a hyper mature cataract which makes normal cataract surgery difficult. Sometimes cataracts may also interfere with the treatment of other eye problems.

Cataract surgery is:

  • Bladeless and painless procedure
  • Takes minimum time
  • Quicker recovery
  • Safe and precise surgery
  • Restores clear vision

Can Cataract Surgery be done on Both Eyes at Once?

Although the surgery is safe and can be done on both eyes at the same time, the surgery typically is performed on one eye, and then after a few days, it is performed on the second eye. This approach helps the first eye to recover and stabilize before surgery is performed on the other eye.

Can Cataract Surgery be done after LASIK?

Yes, it is possible to go for cataract surgery after LASIK. Cataract surgery treats the lens within the eye, while LASIK treats the cornea. So, one surgery does not affect the procedure of another. 

Which Cataract Surgery Lens is Considered Good?

The best lens depends on your vision and the refractive errors need to be corrected. Moreover, there are monofocal, and premium multifocal intraocular lenses that greatly differ in prizes. Consider the following factors while choosing the lens:

  • Cost
  • Expected time of adoption
  • Daily vision needs
  • Do you want to avoid glasses completely

Things to Be Taken Care of After Cataract Surgery

It takes about four to eight weeks to fully recover from surgery. People may also notice their vision getting better much sooner. Usually there is no pain or discomfort during the recovery period, but you may feel dry eyes or little irritations. You need to go for follow-up appointments with your doctor as per the schedule.

During the recovery period, you should:
  • Use eye drops as directed by the doctor
  • Use your eye shield, pad, and glasses
  • Can keep watching TV and use the computer as before the operation
  • Use sunglasses when going outside
  • Are allowed to resume your daily activities and routine
  • Not rub or press the eye operated
  • Avoid using water in the eye
  • Avoid driving and swimming
  • Try to sleep on your back or the opposite side of your healing eye to avoid pressure on the operated eye

To understand more about the things to be taken care of after cataract surgery, you can watch a short video from GMoney.

This video explains more about cataract surgery. Dr. Pritam Dedhia, who is an experienced eye surgeon, is talking about the surgery procedure, how it can help correct your vision, and the precautions you need to take after surgery. 

Cataract Surgery Cost in Pune

Cataract surgery cost differs according to city. Normally, the cataract surgery cost in Pune is somewhere between Rs 15,000 to Rs 80,000 for a single eye. The cost also varies with:

  • The type of surgery recommended by an ophthalmologist
  • The quality of intraocular (IOL) lens the patients like to have
  • Other medical conditions that a patient is undergoing

Cataract surgery cost is normally higher in metro cities. For example, the cost of this surgery in Mumbai is between Rs 29,000 to Rs 55,000. The average cataract surgery cost in Chennai is around Rs 32,000. 

Cataract Surgery Available at No-Cost EMI in Pune

Cataract surgery cost is generally covered under medical insurance. If your surgery is covered, you may still have to bear some costs. For example, special types of IOLs will cost more, and you have to pay for the extra amount from your pocket. Moreover, if you don’t have health coverage, you can still manage the surgery cost with the help of GMoney

GMoney offers loans to help you in times of medical emergency. These emergency funds from GMoney can be used to pay for any type of medical treatment including surgeries. You can repay the loan amount in no-cost flexible EMIs. Emergency medical funds from GMoney are a hassle-free procedure and require minimum documentation. You are allowed to calculate your EMI according to your budget with no interest. 


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